We visited Royston Veterinary Centre with our 8-year old Labrador Toby.

He’d had a limp and stiff hind leg for a while but one day went completely lame, he couldn’t weight-bear and therefore walk at all. We made an appointment for later that day, he was examined and booked in the next day for thorough x-rays. With the help of the x-rays a tear in his cruciate ligament was diagnosed. A fortnight later, due to our holidays, he was in and operated on, and now, 2 weeks on is making excellent recovery.

It hasn’t just been the care that Toby received that has been superb.  The communication and care that we as owners received has been second to none, and David took the time to explain the procedure he’d performed, which we found fascinating.  Toby’s after-care was explained clearly and carefully, leaving us feeling confident that we knew what to look out for.  We were reassured too that his injury wasn’t down to anything we’d done and that we have a gorgeous dog!!

Cath Boughton

Our animals have always received outstanding care from everyone at the Royston Veterinary Centre from the cheerful receptionists and caring nurses to the very capable vets.

Over the last four years Royston Veterinary Centre have really proved the breadth of their capability with  their diagnostic skills when Henry, our cocker spaniel, developed Addisons.
They demonstrated the extent of their pastoral care when we had to put our beloved cat Welly put to sleep, and more recently their love for animals when we introduced Nutmeg our new puppy to them.

We would unreservedly recommend them.

The de Souza family

We discovered Royston Vets when our Springer Spaniel Arnold went into anaphylactic shock on a walk and we needed an emergency vet.  A very good thing came from a very scary situation.

The important thing for me from a vets is to feel that someone cares about my dogs and that I'm not just a nameless stranger. At some of the larger practices you feel like you are on a conveyor belt and that there is no personal service.

I never feel like I'm being rushed out the door so the next client can be seen and all the staff, receptionists, nurses and vets are always friendly, calm and totally professional but not hard and clinical.

When, as is inevitable, my dogs reach the end of their lives, I want them and me to be around friends not strangers.  This is extremely important to us.

I trust them implicitly and highly recommend the practice.

With kindest regards

Joanne Newson

My 18 month old cat Harry, refused to eat and was very listless and so I took him to the vets that I had used for the last 28 years.  I was told he had a very serious heart murmur and needed to see a specialist to diagnose the exact problem and that the cost of this would be over £400 and it was likely he would be on medication for life.  I was also given the option of Harry seeing one of the in house vets for initial tests at a cost of about £100.

I know Margaret and David through the Royston Business Network and asked Margaret for some advice.  Following our discussion I took Harry to see David for a second opinion.  David explained that Harry did have a heart murmur; however his life expectancy was normal, the quality of his life would be normal and he needed no medication or further treatment.  David explained very clearly what the problem was and why it wouldn’t be an issue for Harry and left me totally reassured.

I was initially reluctant to take Harry to Royston Veterinary Centre as it is further for me to travel and I did not want to distress Harry any further.  Margaret advised on how to keep Harry calm while being transported.  I will be using Royston Veterinary Centre in future, not the convenient vets that are almost just around the corner that I have used for 28 years. I would strongly recommend Royston Veterinary Centre to other pet owners and I would stress that a few extra miles should not deter you as the care and attention to both pets and owners is superb.

Kate Hart

A visit to Royston Vet is always considered a social event rather than a chore! We are greeted by friendly and helpful reception staff and the veterinary team always put us (humans and animals) at  ease. We always feel that our concerns are taken seriously and that Rigby and Dylan are treated with kindness and respect. This is especially important to us, as both are rescued and find it hard to trust people.

We can’t praise this calm and relaxed practice enough.

Kath and Tony Wagstaff

Our ten year old Springer Spaniel developed diabetes about one year ago and went downhill rapidly, going blind and becoming very lethargic. Through the very special care and expertise from Royston Veterinary Centre, Pickle has become a new dog, as we remember him from his younger days. Pickle now has vitality, is healthy, looks good, can see again after some marvellous surgery carried out by Pet Vision and above all is enjoying his life with as much mischievous fun that has characterised his youth. It is so rewarding to experience Pickle's new lease of life and it is all down to the skill and passionate attention to Pickle's welfare shown by all the staff at Royston Veterinary Centre. Thank you so much.

Lita Hudd

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