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Royston Veterinary Centre's

5th Anniversary

Royston Veterinary Centre celebrating it's 5th Anniversary! Events included;

  • Finding our first puppy and kitten
  • Easter competition
  • Dog Show at Royston May Fair Monday 6th May

As part of our 5 year Anniversary programme Royston Veterinary Centre held a Novelty Dog Show at Royston May Fayre on Monday 6th May.

Royston Vet's 5-Year Anniversary was featured in the Royston Weekly News here.

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Pam Margaret & Nicky


7 Years On

It seems like only yesterday that the new owners of Royston Veterinary Centre started the modernisation of Royston’s oldest veterinary practice.  Incredibly 7 years have passed and thousands of Royston’s cats and dogs have benefited from the skilful, caring and gentle hands of Margaret, David and their staff.  Margaret and David White came to Royston in April 2008 so this month they celebrate their 7th anniversary in Royston.  

They are keen to catch up with the first puppies and kittens they treated.  If you think that may have been your pet then please call them they would love to hear from you.

Despite working as a vet in Africa, North America, Asia and mainland Europe David and Margaret did not have far to come to Royston.  Margaret had been head Veterinary Nurse in Obstetrics at The Royal Veterinary College, Potters Bar and David, a Cambridge graduate taught both undergraduate and post graduate vets in the Medicine Department.  Prior to moving to Royston they lived in Wheathampstead, St Albans with their two children, Ben [an accountant] and Catharine [a Graduate Chemistry student] now at Barts in her first year of Medicine.  

Whilst in Wheathampstead David built up a beautiful herd of prize winning cattle on the Lamer estate. He maintains his interest in all things farming by looking after many of the herds and flocks in Hertfordshire and the neighbouring counties.

The opportunity to develop their own practice was too good to miss: the result has been a growing thriving practice of six vets with more specialist consultants coming to the practice to provide the highest possible standards of care for all their patients.  As well as the usual patients such as cats, dogs, rabbits and pet chickens, horses, cattle sheep, pigs and goats, Royston Veterinary Centre has treated some more unusual species including wolves, marmosets and other exotic mammals, reptiles such as tortoises, bearded dragons and snakes, amphibians and fish.  For particularly complicated cases or those requiring exceptional specialised knowledge or equipment they refer clients to the Queen’s Veterinary Hospital, University of Cambridge.

As soon as you enter the practice you are greeted by friendly receptionists and nurses who take you and your pet’s details. The waiting room is bright and comfortable with posters displaying pictures of the whole team, another displaying adventures of Margaret and David’s dog “Brûlée” and the most popular display are pictures of recent puppies and kittens.  All these can be seen on the website Most patients get to see their own vet and if they are in for the day the nurses and ward staff take personal care of them – dogs can enjoy the large garden too.  David, Margaret and all the staff take great pride in the service they are able to offer to their clients.  They provide their own out of hours and emergency cover at the purpose built facility.  They are able to see cases at home or at the surgery where there is an operating theatre, built in 2012, with state of the art facilities for X-rays, ultrasound, ECG’s, anaesthesia and surgery.  They have their own in house laboratory so blood tests can be performed when needed with results available almost immediately.

Everybody who comes to the practice comments on how friendly the place is.  David says Royston clients are the nicest he has met anywhere in the world and appreciates the opportunity to discuss clinical decisions and veterinary treatments with the owners and for them to choose what’s best for their pet.  He particularly likes the fact that Royston Veterinary Centre gives clients choices and when the welcome time comes for discharge of in-patients, a nurse or vet is always at hand with advice, printed instructions for continuing care, and the chance for owners to ask questions and set their minds at rest. Many Doctors, Nurses, Vets and Vet Nurses bring their animals to Royston Veterinary Centre and if the professionals in the know choose Royston then you can be sure Royston has a very special practice.

A good veterinary clinic is an asset to a community but the Royston Veterinary Centre also reaches out to the community, working with community organisations of all ages to promote responsible pet ownership, bringing contact with animals to schools, playgroups and young people’s organisations, talking about responsible pet care, regularly visiting schools for workshops and organising competitions, with certificates for those who do really well.

Not only is it about a good life for animals – but also for people. The Centre has sponsored Royston boys rugby club for 5 seasons, the boys are now playing in the under 16 team. The Pink Ribbon Run, now known as Royston In Blue, when a young local girl needed help to improve her life after cancer surgery, the Centre got busy and joined in the fundraising. They are also members of the Royston Chamber of Commerce, and Royston Business Network. They will be raising funds for Luna Animal Rescue at the Royston May Fayre.

Pam Sophie & Nicky

It seems a long time since the ‘Herriot’ days, even longer since the times portrayed in the programmes and films. Veterinary Medicine has changed beyond recognition in the conditions it can cure, the procedures and medicines which can ensure happiness and good health for most animals for most of their time. But the Herriot spirit is still alive: a real, round the clock commitment to the needs of patients, and a real, sympathetic interest in those who live with them, sharing their homes and their companionship. These 7 years have brought plenty to celebrate and the next seven will probably bring even more. But the focus will remain the same: competence, care and compassion.

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